Why You Should Never Get A Job

Why You Should Never Get A Job

Do you dislike your job? You’re not alone.

According to research, over 70 percent of employees are disillusioned, discouraged and uninspired in their jobs.

There’s a reason for that.

It’s because you’re not meant to have one.

At a certain point in life—usually after climbing the corporate ladder for a few years and hitting your head against the glass ceiling or feeling burned out —a switch is flipped inside many of us.

We begin to question our place in society and start to ask ourselves about our contribution, our identity, and our future.

Believe it or not, this inner restlessness and dissatisfaction is a good thing.

It’s your heart whispering to you that you are worthy of so much more. It’s a nudge from the Universe telling you that you don’t need to get a job and urging you to do what you really love.

The Social Contract

Western society is built on and perpetuated by the concept of a social contract that pretty much everyone buys into.

The Social Contract |  Epreneur.TVFrom childhood, we’re taught to go to school, work hard and get a job that pays the bills.

In return, we get a few weeks’ paid vacation every year before we have to trudge back to the same old routine.

We learn that a life spent in servitude working for a boss is the highest aspiration that every reasonable person should aim for.

But it’s simply not true.

I bought into this lie for many years.

I had many jobs – some good, some bad, some I loved, others I disliked.

In my role as a career coach, I even helped hundreds of people find their dream jobs and advance in their careers.

But deep down, I always felt I had the potential to do more with my life and that my spirit was being crushed by my job.

Maybe you feel the same?

Like millions of people you were probably convinced to get a job straight out of college or university and have made it your way of life for years, believing this to be the right and proper way to contribute to society.

Well it’s not.

We have all been socially conditioned to believe that the 9-5 corporate job is the only way to succeed in life when there are alternatives.

Do You Have To Get A Job?

Some people are happy to get a job and work for others.

We need teachers, doctors, fire fighters, train drivers etc to function properly as a society so it’s good that we don’t all want the same things in life.

There are also times when you have to get a job to simply survive.

You have to be able to eat, feed and clothe your family and keep a roof over your head. This is where survival jobs come in handy or a bridge job to support you while you build your business.

I’m not talking about these scenarios because these are valid reasons to get a job. I’m also not encouraging you to give up your day job and drop out of society or become an anarchist.

Rather, I believe that you want more out of life and you are a smart thinking person with a deep desire to follow your dreams. That’s why I want you to recognize that there are hidden aspects to getting a job that can hold you back from achieving your goals.

These insidious elements destroy your self-esteem, drain your spirit and make you give up on your dreams. You stop believing in your own potential and lose your passion for life.

This is a very sad thing.

I believe that no one should ever settle in life because there are alternative ways to support yourself besides getting a job. Here are 5 good reasons to never get a job.

Why You Should Never Get A Job

1. Sit, Fido, Sit. Good Boy!

Never Get A Job | Epreneur.TV


People are brainwashed into thinking that a “good job” is the sure path to financial freedom and security.

After all, successful people work hard for what they have and you work at a job.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

When people put work and effort into their own online business it’s for something they believe in, that helps others and rewards them financially.

Success is in direct proportion to their ideas, their input and their commitment to see things through.

If they set up their business correctly, there’s no cap on their income, they control their own hours and they’re available for their family.

Money flows to them even without their constant involvement.

But when you have a job, no matter how hard you work or how high you climb, you are always at the mercy of your boss.

Unless you can consistently prove yourself and please other people, you are always replaceable.

I know of many bright, talented individuals who generated thousands, even millions of dollars, in revenue for a company only to be let go because their boss no longer needed or wanted them.

Jobs lead to perpetual subjugation.

You are conditioned to be obedient and as a result you lose the ability to think for yourself.

Jobs are based on you pleasing your paymasters and meeting their business goals. Do that and you are rewarded with a pittance. Disobey, and you’re given your marching orders.

Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit. ~ George Carlin

This may sound very Victorian and far-fetched, but we haven’t really come a long way since those days. We are still trading time for money and living life on other peoples’ terms.

Except that today we have more options.

The Internet has opened up a world of possibilities that people didn’t have access to before. Old class structures have broken down making it easier for ordinary people to become successful than in the past.

You can set up an online business for less than $100 from pretty much anywhere in the world. You don’t have to risk your job or your main source of income. You can work on your business part-time or full-time and you can create multiple sources of income, many of them passive.

Above all else, you are an intelligent, thinking spiritual being blessed with all the knowledge, power, creativity and tools necessary to make decisions for yourself.

The opportunities and choices are endless, don’t waste them.

2. Jobs Kill Your Creativity

Never Get A Job, It Saps Your Creativity | Epreneur.TV

Never Get A Job, It Kills Your CreativityEpreneurTV


Most jobs are based on busy work and paper-pushing.

They rarely encourage independent thought, which makes them incredibly tedious.

When so much of your time is taken up with meaningless tasks, it saps your creativity, drains you, leaving you with no energy to accomplish great things.

The last time I had a traditional job was in 2010 and I have been self-employed on and off for about two decades.

But I clearly remember how my time was devoured by a full diary of tasks assigned to me by my boss, endless meetings that served no purpose and busy work to justify my paycheck.

My boss had absolutely no interest in who I was or what I wanted to do with my life beyond being a “part of the team.”

My value was measured in terms of my performance, not my thoughts or ideas.

I ceased to be an individual and became just another cog in the machine.

A perfect example of how jobs reduce your individuality can be found in the employee handbook and policy manuals that every employee gets when they start work.

Filled with rules and regulations, these manuals are like a yoke around a thinking person’s neck. They cover everything that the company wants you to follow while you’re in their employ from dressing, talking, behaving and thinking in a certain way.

The new employee quickly learns that you get punished for breaking the rules so the best course of action is to do as you’re told.

There is only one success; to be able to spend your life in your own way. ~ Christopher Morley

But you’re smarter than this.

Even if you have pursued a career for a while, you know that you have the potential to do more and have more. You know there’s a better way to live your life that doesn’t involve swapping time for money or sacrificing who you really are.

This is the starting point for creating a life that you love and doing meaningful work.

3. Most Of What You Earn, You Can’t Keep

Earning a regular paycheck is an attractive prospect for many people. It gives us stability and security. It helps us plan for the future and budget, right?

Wrong!Taxes Eat Up Most Of What You Earn | Epreneur.TV

Sadly, this thinking keeps most of us tied to a job long after our motivation has left us.

A job is probably one of the worst ways to make money because you are trading your time for money. This means that when you stop working, the money stops too.

Other people also have a say in the real value you generate. No matter how hard you work, the money you make is usually linked to the “going rate” for your industry.

So you will only earn as much as your employer wants to give you, not what you are really worth.

And God forbid if you ever want a raise!

I’ve been in many salary reviews and know first-hand the humiliation that comes from having to prove your value to your boss and beg for more money.

The government will also take a huge bite out of your salary as taxes.

Employment taxes are the highest source of revenue for the government and the tax system is expertly designed to fund various government departments, social services and programs. It’s no wonder then that we are trained to get a job and keep this system going.

Taxes will never go away. They rarely go down. Usually, they only increase over time.

Here in the UK, you can expect to lose at least 50% of the money you earn, and it’s the same in many parts of the world.

But did you know that more of your income is deducted from your pay than what’s on your pay slip?

It’s true.

Your employer pays tax on your behalf and these deductions come off your salary before it gets to you. Your real salary might be double what it looks like on paper, but you’ll never see that.

It’s different when you run an online business.

There is no ceiling to what you can earn.

You are only limited by your creativity, your ability to provide solutions to pressing problems that people face every day and your marketing efforts.

Many expenses can legitimately be written off against tax thereby reducing how much tax you pay.

This is not about tax-dodging but paying a fair amount of tax and putting more of what you earn into your own pocket.

A job should be a means to an end. Work to live, never live to work.

4. You Have To Tolerate Negative People

If you have ever spent time in the rat race you will understand why people call it this.

In real life, you can cut negativity out of your life. You can avoid people with whom you have nothing in common or who are not on your wavelength.

When you work a job, however, the rules are different and you have to play the game.

Don't Hang Out With Negative People | Epreneur.TV

I’ve been there and it can be brutal.

You have to tolerate laziness, dishonesty, gossip, immaturity, incompetence, negativity, and a whole host of other behaviors that are probably alien to you.

They say that we become like the people we spend the most amount of time with.

So if you’re spending 8-10 hours a day with negative people, no matter how positive and proactive you are, it’s going to affect you.

There’s no escape even if you hold a position of responsibility.

As a manager you’ll be expected to manage such individuals while keeping the harmony of the team intact. Even though you’d rather be coaching your brightest employees, chances are you’ll have to support the most difficult ones and spend more time with them, even if you can’t stand them.

This can take up a lot of time and mental space, time that you could be spending developing your ideas and working on your own business.

Worse still, your boss might be one of these people so your only recourse is to toe the line.

It can be hard work maintaining such a façade in the long term. You become disillusioned and resentful because you are not honoring who and what you really are.

5. Job Security Is A Myth

Much of our indoctrination around getting a job is based on the idea that it is the safest and most secure way to support yourself and your family.

This is a dangerous lie.

Many jobs are centered around doing tasks that could and probably will be automated one day.

If this is the kind of work that you’re involved in then you could face unemployment in the future without a skill set of any marketable value.

You may think you have a say in what happens but in reality employees have little control over what happens tomorrow.

Three little words – you’re fired – can turn off the income you currently take home completely. Does that sound secure?

Security can only come from control.

Employees do not, as a rule, have control.

Instead, they work to make others rich while their intelligence, creativity, and marketability stagnates. The longer you work for others, the harder it is to do something on your own, for yourself and your future.

And your future is always hanging in the balance.

Final Words

Almost everyone starts out on the traditional path of working a job. I did and there is nothing wrong with that. You might even learn some useful skills along the way.

But you owe it to yourself to learn from history and from the millions of people who have chosen to take control of their own destiny and define their lives on their terms.

You can follow your passion; you can create your own livelihood; you can have control and security in your life. You can spend time with your kids while they’re still young and nurture your relationship with your partner, your family and your friends in ways that aren’t possible in today’s job-focused world.

No one is born knowing how to start an online business and create alternate income streams, but people have already done it. You can model their success and turn it into your own. How long it takes is irrelevant.

The time will pass anyway.

Don’t get stuck in the cycle of getting a job and being paid just enough not to leave for years. Challenge your thinking and change your future by taking responsibility for how you earn your income.

You’re the only one who can.

Do you agree that you shouldn’t get a job? Please share your thoughts and let’s talk. I was inspired to write this after reading a great post by Steve Pavlina. It’s something I feel very strongly about so I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Halo Tehmina,I 100% agree with you.
    Our system of EDUCATION in the world has been training us to be great employees instead ofemployers.
    People end up struggling financially coz we are never taught how to let money work for u and instead we are taught how to work fo money.
    I wish my co-readers would read a book by name RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert T.Kiyosaki to be more inspired.
    Thank you so much Tehmina

    • Hi Raquel, I’m so glad this post on why you should never get a job resonated with you. You’re right, school teaches us to become employees not entrepreneurs. I love what you say about the importance of financial education too because I’ve found that is a key challenge when people are shifting from the employee mindset. Thanks for stopping by to comment :-) Tehmina

  2. Hi Tehmina,

    This is a fantastic article. You’ve hit the nail bang on the head. I quit my teaching job to follow my heart and pursue my dreams of being a freelance writer. It’s still in the early stages so the money isn’t flowing yer. But it will come.

    I’ve never felt more content and free. It’s a wonderful feeling. Everything you said about being an employee is true.

    Thanks for sharing. :-)

    • Thank you June! I’m so happy you made the leap and are following your dreams. It’s not the easiest step to take, especially in the early days when it can get messy and you begin to doubt yourself. Keep going, I’m rooting for your continued success :-) Tehmina

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