How To Create Or Convert Your Pinterest Business Page

How To Create Or Convert Your Pinterest Business Page

Are you wondering how to set up a brand new Pinterest Business Page from scratch?

Or have you already got going with Pinterest but aren’t sure how to convert your account correctly for business?

You are not alone. I get dozens of enquiries on this topic alone and I must admit Pinterest hasn’t made it very easy either. That’s why I have decided to outline the complete process step-by-step in this post.

Two Types Of Pinterest Accounts

From its conception in 2009 until the middle of 2012, Pinterest only had one generic type of account. This made things very simple for users and suited Pinterest’s early adopter community of crafters and DIY enthusiasts.

However this one-account-fits-all model was not cut out for the ambitious growth Pinterest’s founders had in mind. It may shock you to learn that 4 months after launch, Pinterest only had 200 followers.

So what changed? How did Pinterest shift from a fringe social network favored by mommy bloggers to the image-sharing social powerhouse it has become today?

Much of Pinterest’s meteoric rise can be put down to the site’s intuitive navigation and focus on social discovery versus search, a huge trend in the past two years that Pinterest was able to capitalize on.

Pinterest Growth 2012| Shareaholic Graph| EpreneurTV








Pinterest provides an attractive and streamlined layout where users can pin images that intrigue and inspire them to their boards. By linking these images back to the source site, many brands were and are able to successfully move potential customers back to their retail sites.

As this graph from Shareaholic shows, there was a surge in interest in the network  throughout 2012 that led to explosive growth of Pinterest. This no doubt prompted the founders to introduce a series of roll-outs late last year.

The first one was removing the invite-only restriction in August 2012. You no longer have to wait for an invitation to join from Pinterest or any another pinner. Anyone can now sign up using Facebook, Twitter or email.

The second big step was the introduction of business accounts or business pages, which marked a definite shift towards Pinterest going corporate and seems to be paving the way for monetization of the platform down the road.

So let’s take a look at how you can create or convert your Pinterest account to a business page and the benefits of doing so.

Should I Convert My Pinterest Account? 

Pinterest business pages are free to create and work differently to Facebook fan pages because they currently don’t actually look any different from the front to your followers.

There are however some tangible benefits to be had from switching to a business account as well as legal implications that you need to consider.

#1 If you are using Pinterest to promote any type of commercial activity, including blogging, promoting a non-profit organization or you are a public figure, then it’s advisable to convert your account to a business page.

#2 Having a business account is an essential first step in order to gain access to many of the new features that Pinterest has already introduced for business accounts such as verification and its new web analytics tool.

#3 If you have been using Pinterest for some time and have already achieved a considerable following then it makes sense to convert your current account to a business one rather than creating a brand new business page from scratch. Doing so will allow you to retain your current followers, username and settings.

Convert A Pinterest Account To A Business Page

Here are #6 simple steps to quickly convert your Pinterest account.

#1 Click On The Pinterest About Tab

First log in to Pinterest and go to the About tab on the top right of your page. Scroll down to the For Businesses option

 How To Create Or Convert A Pinterest Business Page|EpreneurTV





#2  Go To Pinterest’s Business-Specific Page

This will take you to Pinterest’s special business page.

 How To Create Or Convert A Pinterest Business Page|EpreneurTV







Select the red button in the center of the page that says Join As A Business

#3 Choose To Create Or Convert Your Pinterest Account

The next page will give you the option to either Create Business Account from scratch or Convert your current personal account to a business page.

 How To Create Or Convert A Pinterest Business Page|EpreneurTV







The steps are essentially the same but for converting your account, hit the Convert page option on the far right.

#4 Log In To Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest will then require you to log in again to make sure you are the rightful owner of that account so go ahead and do that.

#5 Complete Account Conversion 

You will then be taken to a new page titled Convert To Business Account.

 How To Create Or Convert A Pinterest Business Page|EpreneurTV








This first field on this page asks you to define your business type. If you click on the down arrow to the right of the tab you will see a sub-menu with a several options.

How To Create Or Convert A Pinterest Business Page|EpreneurTV








These options are only seen by you and are not set in stone. They can be changed at any time so don’t get too hung up on the different options.

Simply choose the one that most closely describes your business activity.

It’s worth noting that there are some overlaps. Authors, bloggers and personal brands for instance could choose either public figure, professional or brand.

The remaining fields are pretty self-explanatory so be sure to fill them in as fully as possible especially the web address section to help your followers find out more about you and your business.

#6 Accept Pinterest’s Terms Of Service

Pinterest recently introduced separate terms of service for business users so the final step in the conversion process is to agree and accept the new terms and the privacy policy.

How To Create Or Convert A Pinterest Business Page|EpreneurTV








Once you hit Convert Account, your account will automatically be converted to a Pinterest business page and you won’t be able to revert back.

You will then be taken to a special Getting Started page that offers tips and advice on getting the most out of your new business account including how to verify your Pinterest account.

How To Create Or Convert A Pinterest Business Page|EpreneurTV



How To Create A Pinterest Business Page

The steps for creating a new business account are similar to converting a personal account but you must first join Pinterest.

There are currently 2 options open to new users.

  • Join up at the main Pinterest site

You can either sign up via the main Pinterest homepage and select the business option. It is tucked away at the bottom of the page so is very easy to miss.

How To Create Or Convert A Pinterest Business Page|EpreneurTV









  • Join via the Pinterest business-specific page

The second option is to sign up at the special Pinterest business page I mentioned earlier. Both options will actually take you to the same destination so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

 How To Create Or Convert A Pinterest Business Page|EpreneurTV








This is the same page I covered in step #2 above for converting your Pinterest account.

You therefore need to hit Join As A Business and you will be taken to a page titled Create Business Account.

This is again the same page we saw earlier in the process I outlined to Convert your account and the steps are pretty much the same. Only this time you are creating a brand new Pinterest  business account .

Simply fill in all the fields and at the end, Pinterest will ask you to accept its new terms of service. Save your settings by hitting the Create Account to confirm your new business account.

 How To Create Or Convert A Pinterest Business Page|EpreneurTV








So there you have it, #6 simple steps to either convert your personal account for business use or set up a brand Pinterest business page from scratch.

Have you created a business account or converted your personal page? If so, how did you find it? How has your business benefited from Pinterest’s recent changes? Please comment and share below.

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  1. Wonderful entry explaining everything about Pinterest. Congratulations

  2. I converted my personal pinterest account to a business when really I wanted to keep them seperate. How to a turn a business accout back into a personal?

    • Hello Kendall, thank you for your question. You could try changing the username so that it’s your business name for the business page and then set up a separate personal account under a different username or your own name. If you add yourself as a contributor to all your boards then you can also share them seamlessly between the 2 accounts. Failing that, I would get in touch wth Pinterest and see if they can undo the change. Hope that helps and good luck! Tehmina

  3. I would also like to convert back to personal from business account but the only things I’ve been able to do so far is to change the username and email back to my personal information. Still business though…

    • Hi Brian, thanks for stopping by. I suggest you contact Pinterest to see if you can get your account reversed or try setting up a new one. Just be aware that if you want to engage in any kind of commercial activity rather than pinning as a hobby, then you will need a business Pinterest account.

      Hope that helps! Tehmina

  4. Thanks!

  5. Is there any benefit from changing my personal account to business, even if I do not have a business? Is it okay to do that, or would it be more beneficial to just stay as a personal account? I would like to be able to verify my Pinterest page, etc, and other benefits that a business account offers.

    Thank you so much. I appreciate your article on this subject, as it’s very hard to find information on certain subjects pertaining to Pinterest.


    • Hello Becky, thank you for your question. Pinterest is trying to encourage take-up of its business accounts by offering additional features but there is no obligation to do so. A business account doesn’t actually look any different to a personal account, and you don’t have to set up a formal “business” to have a business account. That said, having checked your page, I do think you would benefit by coverting to a business account so you can verify your page, access Pinterest analytics and of course one day sell products and services. Hope that helps :-) Tehmina

  6. My wife wants to change to a business page but she’s not sure of what business name she is going to use yet. Can she convert to a business page and change the business name after the change?

  7. Hi,
    Thank you for your great explanation. I would like to clarify one question. I have a personal page on pinterest, and I’m interested in starting seperate a brand new business page. (I only have about 25 followers). Does Pinterest allow you to have 2 accounts with the same
    FaceBook account, or do you need to use another source like a separate email account? Thank you!

    • Hi Chelle, each time you set up a new account on Pinterest you need to use a new email address. With the old look, Pinterest let you link 2 accounts to a Facebook profile by unlinking from the first account. However, this feature may no longer be possible under the new look as several features have been removed. Thanks Tehmina

  8. I just converted from personal to business so that I can pin my photography for sale. I read the TOS for business, but I don’t see anything anywhere about any guidelines about selling on a business account. What are the rules or are there any? If I pin an image directly from my website, does that link stay with the pin wherever it goes? Can I put a price for sale in my description on each pin? Thanks for any help you can give me. Hopefully, there are some guidelines printed somewhere that I just am not able to find right now.

    • Hi Carolyn, yes pinning an image from your website will link it back to that page. But if you are promoting photos, I would also add a watermark with your URL to protect your work. You can also add prices to the pin caption, but they don’t seem to generate a price sticker across the image anymore in the new look. Hope that helps! Tehmina

  9. Hi Tehmina,

    I stumbled across this post whilst researching pinterest business accounts. Great information by the way!

    I am just about to start a very specific niche blog and I could be starting additional niche blogs in the future. Is it worth starting a new pinterest business account for each niche blog or would it be better to convert my personal pinterest account into a business page and have multiple boards which cover all of my niche sites?

    I know it’s early days but I want to get this right from the start.

    • Thanks Michael. I would consider your target market; if it is the same or similar throughout then create one business account and address each sub-niche via one or more boards. But if they are totally different audiences, it is better to set up a new business account for each one. Start with one business account first, get that working for you and then repeat. Best of luck! Tehmina

  10. Hi Tehmina, great post, thank you. One question, I manage a somewhat public figure who also sells products. We have pinterest page under his name with 11,000 followers. I would like to create a business page with the same pins and followers etc, but would like to keep his personal page as well. Essentially I’d like to duplicate his page, as a business page, under a Brand name. Is this possible?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Lightstar, the only way I can think of to do this seamlessly is to set up a business page and then invite your business persona to contribute to your personal account’s boards. This will turn them into group boards and the content will show up on both accounts. I’m not sure how this will affect your total follower numbers though but it’s worth trying. Let me know how you get on :) Tehmina

  11. Hey, great post! Got all my answers except one, if i do convert my pinterest account to business page, will my followers and pins remain the same or will i have to start fresh? Please give me an answer. Thanks!

  12. Ashley MacDonald :

    Great, informative article! Quick question that I can’t seem to find the answer to. Is it possible to link the two accounts (personal & business) so once signed into one, I can toggle back & forth between the two? Much like Twitter & Facebook allow with multiple accounts or business pages.

    Thanks for any insight you might have!

    • Thanks Ashley, that’s a great idea and you might want to suggest it to Pinterest. Unfortunately, right now there isn’t a way to to link your accounts except by inviting one of your accounts to contribute to the other accounts’ boards. Thanks Tehmina

  13. Great post, Tehmina! I wish I had found it before I tried helping my mom convert her account. :) She has a business and we have already converted her account, however we can’t figure out how to change the settings so that facebook links to her business page instead of her personal page (which she used to create her original, personal facebook page). We also tried to create a new business account but since she used her business account email to set up her personal page, Pinterest will not allow her to create another account under the same email. If she deactivates her current page, will Pinterest allow her to start over to create a business account with the same email address? Thank you very much for your help.

    • Hello Candace, yes you have to use a different email account per Pinterest account. I think the easiest way for you to set up your business account correctly is to create a new one using another email address eg or Don’t delete the old business account until you have duplicated your boards and repinned all your pins to the new one as it will save you tons of time. Hope that works, let me know if I can help in any way. Tehmina

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    to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading through your posts.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the
    same subjects? Thank you so much!
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