12 Powerful Ways To Use Pinterest For SEO

12 Powerful Ways To Use Pinterest For SEO

Pinterest has been the most-talked about social network for the past 18 months. Thanks to its growing and highly engaged user base, Pinterest attracted over 70 million users in June 2013 and is fast becoming a social media powerhouse.

I firmly believe that done right, Pinterest can help any small business increase brand awareness, build a loyal following and drive traffic to their website or blog.

But did you know that you can also use Pinterest for SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization?

By using the correct keywords and applying SEO-friendly strategies Pinterest can help your website rank significantly better in the search engines and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Pinterest For SEO | EpreneurTV

Targeted traffic can lead to more blog subscribers, more customers and ultimately more sales for your business.

Studies show that Pinterest users purchase more often and in greater quantities than any other social network.

So attracting targeted Pinterest traffic to your site should be a top priority.

Here are 12 powerful yet simple Pinterest tips to help you improve your SEO today.

#1 Optimize Your Profile

Like other social networks, certain areas of your Pinterest page such as your username and your About section get picked up by search engines.

For your username, go with your brand name if it’s available otherwise use your top keywords. The About section is your chance to succinctly state who you are and what you do.

Optimize this 200-character space with keywords to boost your visibility in search results. Utilize the same description and keywords across your other social media profiles for consistency.

#2 Maximize Social Signals

Social signals have become a buzzword in recent years but as explained by Peter Visser, a social signal is a link from someone’s social media profile to your website or blog.

If you click the Like, Retweet or Pin It button next to this blog post it becomes a social signal.

Besides providing you with social proof, Google increasingly rewards sites for social signals. This means that the more social engagement you get, the better it is for your SEO.

Connect your other social media profiles (Facebook and Twitter) to your Pinterest account by adding the links to your About section and regularly cross-share your pins. Pin videos from YouTube or Vimeo and don’t forget high-traffic sites like Google+, LinkedIn and Slideshare.

This interconnectivity helps you reach a broader audience and can boost your social signals.

#3 Create More Backlinks

Pinterest For SEO | EpreneurTV


Backlinks are links that lead people back to your website. They are invaluable for SEO because search engines take them into account when measuring relevancy.

Having lots of quality backlinks can dramatically increase your online visibility and reputation.

But did you know that Pinterest can help you create more backlins for SEO?

Each time a pin is pinned and repinned on Pinterest it creates a backlink to the source page. The more a pin gets shared, the more backlinks are created.

This is why you must start creating more of your own original pins.

Upload them to Pinterest, add the links into the URL box and on the caption itself and strategically link them back to your blog posts, landing pages, product catalogues and so on.

Just don’t go overboard. Pinterest is a social network so remember to share other people’s content as well as your own.

#4 Build Focused Boards

Whilst it’s great to have a pin go viral, your boards actually carry more weight when it comes to search engine optimization.

Your boards are the main way to increase your followers on Pinterest because they are the first thing that browsers see on your page.

It’s also easier to get people to follow specific boards rather than your whole account. Create boards that are very specific; Vegetarian Meals, Fish Dishes, Chicken Tonight are all better than Recipes.

Here are some more pointers:

  • Create catchy, short board titles with the most common keywords used by your audience. Keep board titles under 28 characters so they are fully visible.
  • Add keyword-centric board descriptions for search purposes and to let followers know what the board is about. Although Pinterest allows 500 characters, aim for 200-300.
  • Make the best image the board cover to encourage browsers to follow that board.

#5 Organize Your Rows

In publishing, people often use the phrase above the fold. This refers to the top half of a folded newspaper where the most important news stories can be found.

This phrase has slipped into web usage to mean the most prominent area of your website that visitors see without having to scroll down. Eye tracking research shows that this is prime real estate on your website and also your Pinterest page.

Many pinners won’t bother to scroll down and will only consider your top two rows when deciding to follow you.

You must position your best, most on-brand content here to increase followers, encourage click-throughs to your site and boost your SEO with Pinterest.

#6 Insert Board Categories

Pinterest Categories | EpreneurTV

At the time of writing Pinterest has 37 categories ranging from Art to Women’s Fashion. These categories help pinners search and find your boards on Pinterest and work in a similar way to blog categories.

On a blog, focused keyword-based categories help you organize your posts, boost search engine visibility and enhance the user experience.

Pinterest users search content in much the same way.

That’s why you should organize your boards into the best matching categories for your brand or business.

You can view all the Pinterest board categories by clicking the bar symbol next to the Pinterest search feature at the top left of your page.  To add or change a board category, click on the Edit feature for the board and select the best option.

Pinterest’s categories aren’t exhaustive – there is currently nothing representing “Business” – so just go for the closest match according to your niche or industry like Education or Tech.

#7 Pin Fresh Content

The easiest way to pin on Pinterest is by repinning other people’s content. This is good for sociability and building up content on your boards.

But try to go beyond Pinterest and seek out new, interesting content that will delight your audience.

This takes more effort than recycling images but will pay dividends in positioning you as a valuable resource and attracting more followers to your page and in time, your website.

#8 Keyword-Rich Captions

Even though Pinterest allows you 500 characters to describe each pin, the caption area is greatly underutilized. Most pinners just place a period or full stop there to get around Pinterest’s rules.

Pinterest For SEO | EpreneurTV

Using keyword-rich descriptions and hasthtags can help you rank better in Pinterest search as well as improve SEO in general.

As a high authority site in its own right, Pinterest can actually help you achieve SEO improvements for specific keywords. Don’t overdo your descriptions though.

This graph shows, the ideal Pinterest caption length is between 100-200 characters.

#9 Optimize Your Images

It’s all too easy to save your photos or images using the default file name that your camera generates or the first thing that pops into your head. But you mustn’t do this!

Search engines not only index web pages but they also crawl images. Get into the habit of saving images correctly using descriptive, keyword-rich file names and your business name.

This little-known strategy can provide huge SEO benefits on image-based sites like Pinterest. Whatever you save that image as will be the default image name.

So pick a name that best describes that image, use product names if applicable, add your keywords and insert your business name.

#10 Verify Your Page

Pinterest rolled out verification last year to help users confirm that they are the rightful owner of the website on their Pinterest profile.

When you verify your site, you get a prominent and clickable link for your domain name in your profile. This draws attention to your URL and can increase referral traffic to your website and boost SEO rankings.

Verifying your account also allows you to access Pinterest’s new web analytics tool so you can track your pins and engagement.

#11 Make Yourself Visible

This is probably the single biggest mistake new Pinterest users make and can put paid to all your Pinterest marketing.

In the Pinterest settings there is an option to hide your boards from the search engines. Make sure this button is turned off (gray) in order to help search engines and prospects find you.

#12 Add Your Location

As Pinterest grows and its demographics extend beyond its core base of early-adopting females, local search results are becoming increasingly important.

This is particularly useful for local businesses like dentists, realtors, hair salons but even a service-based business or consultancy that wants to focus on a particular city, region or state can benefit from this strategy.

Capitalize on this now by adding your nearest city to your profile and build a board featuring the sites, attractions, history and culture of your location. Not only will this forge your connection to a certain area but it will also help local prospects find you.

Final Words

These are my top 12 Pinterest tips for SEO. They can greatly improve your search engine rankings by driving targeted traffic to your website, attracting new followers and prospects to your business and enhancing your overall engagement on Pinterest.

Are any of these SEO strategies new to you? Have you implemented any of these Pinterest tips already? Please comment and share below.


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  1. For some strange reason I didn’t know about categories; might be time to go back to Pinterest basics for me. lol

    • Oh wow Ana – thanks – what an honor to have you stop by! Yes as Pinterest search evolves, categories will become more important so if you want your content to get found easily, you do need to add pins to the right category :-) Tehmina

  2. Most of this is way over my head as just a beginner with SEO but here’s one of a million questions…Pinterest, I think, has a “business” aea? where you can add your pins as a business? What’s the difference between a regular pin with your website noted beneath the photo with a price of the item and going the business route? Thank you so much and one moe questions…..If I join a Pinterest “group” how and where do I Pin to that board only?
    Thanks again…I need traffic desperately… Claudia

    • Hi Claudia, if you want to promote your products on Pinterest then you need to set up a business account, or convert your current personal one to a business one. The 2 types of accounts don’t look different from the front (yet!) but it is part of Pinterest’s new Terms of Service and will give you access to other business-focused features. I go into detail about the difference between the two accounts in this blog post: http://epreneur.tv/pinterest-business-page/ Thanks Tehmina

  3. Hi Tehmina

    I only recently started using Pinterest. Having used Twitter and Facebook for years and got in early with Google Plus, I was slow to take up new trends with social media (when I joined Facebook it was a minnow compared to MySpace and Twitter was just another new SM site).

    Thanks for these tips. I picked up some nice hints and immediately pinned my Albert Einstein / Miles Cyrus image to my FUN Board on Pinterest – lol

  4. I am using pinterest for my own blog, It is helping me in getting good traffic. I loved the concept of pinterest, I properly optimize my board on pinterest.

    • Nice to meet you Jitendra. I’m delighted that Pinterest is getting you traffic. I’ve had a quick peek at your Pinterest page and think that you could get even more traction if you expanded your board titles and board descriptions a little and added some keywords. You could also increase the number of pins per board (5-10 minimum. Good luck! Tehmina

  5. thank you thank you!

    • My pleasure Jenn, I’m delighted you found the post helpful because Pinterest could be a very good platform for your photos. Just remember to watermark them first with a free tool like Picmarkr etc to protect your work. Tehmina

  6. Great article, really great tips for SEO. With inserting board categories is a great way to segment and narrow it down when it comes to search engines.

  7. Many thanks for this very useful and exhaustive post!

    I’m using Pinterest for my companies, double-id and MIO and also personnaly.

    Pinterest is a powerful medium to better understand the one’s you thought you knew ;=) Having access to their tastes, subjects of interests, atmosphere…

  8. Hi Tehmina,

    I want to thank you from France, Lyon. We created a regional website to promote retailers activities in Lyon – http://www.moncommercealyon.com – and opened a Pinterest business account. You can find us at http://www.pinterest.com/mcalyon/

    We are going to use your SEO advice, so “merci beaucoup” ! :)

  9. Thanks for the information Tehmina. I find such good information about Pinterest. I am using Pinterest since long but i have question in my mind that is this work for me or my product but now i be sure about my work.

    Keep it up Tehmina :)

    • Thanks Jitendra, I’m really pleased that you found the post helpful. Pinterest can work for pretty much every business, you just need to give it time and make sure you post inspiring and educational content on a regular basis. Good luck! Tehmina

  10. this is a great idea! I just created my pinterest account while reading your post! :) Do I need to follow other’s account? here is mine Viewmycart pinterest

  11. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article! It is the little changes which wil make the
    largest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  12. I use Pinterest fo my blog, but i don’t know the additional features.. Nice post. Hope help others too.

  13. Really very helpful information. I was searching for Pinterest information since many days. Now I got it. Thank you.

  14. For better SEO ranking results post many pins under one board, as opposed to several boards with 1 or 2 pins. Optimize the text content with keywords for organic search results.

  15. Thanks for the article. I’m still learning SEO but I hope to home in on the best way’s to use Pinterest to boost my Google SERP rankings. If you see anything that can help feel free to advise. Thank you!

  16. I never knew Pinterest is so much useful for SEO of website. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi there, I have been following your blog regulary and do have one question before I start with pinterest. What is your truly opinion if buyers are walking on Pinterest. I have a small very localized web bussines with furniture here in Slovenia and I am not sure if my buyers are walking on Pinteresr. Thanks, Matija, SLovenia

  18. Are you sure pintrest is stil giving social signals – It seems like all backlinks from pintrest right now are nofollow.

  19. Thanks for posting the tips. I found them very helpful.

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