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WHO MiNDbank: More Inclusiveness Needed in Disability and Development 世界卫生组织MiNDbank:残疾和发展需要更多包容

WHO MiNDbank is an online platform providing quick and easy access to international resources and national/regional level policies, strategies, laws and service standards for mental health, substance abuse, disability, general health, NCDs, human rights and development, and more recently children and youth, and older persons. The MiNDbank holds over 4000 documents from over 170 countries with more to come.


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2013年-2020年精神卫生综合行动计划 Comprehensive mental health action plan 2013–2020

2013-2020 年精神卫生综合行动计划
审议了秘书处关于 2013-2020 年综合行动计划草案的报告,包括其附件1
1. 通过 2013-2020 年精神卫生综合行动计划;
2. 敦促各会员国按国家重点工作和特定国家情况做出调整,落实 2013-2020 年精神卫生综合行动计划中针对会员国建议的行动;
3. 邀请国际、区域和国家合作伙伴注意该 2013-2020 年精神卫生综合行动计划;
4. 要求总干事落实 2013-2020 年精神卫生综合行动计划中针对秘书处提出的行动,并通过执行委员会向第六十八届、七十一届和七十四届世界卫生大会提交该行动计划的实施情况进展报告。

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UK National Service Framework for Mental Health 英国精神卫生服务框架

In 1999, Department of Health published a National Service Framework to guide its investment of £700 million

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to improve mental health services.This National Service Framework addresses the mental health needs of working age adults up to 65. It sets out national standards; national service models; local action and national underpinning programmes for implementation; and a series of national milestones to assure progress, with performance
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indicators to support effective performance management. An organisational framework for providing integrated services and for commissioning services across the spectrum is also included.

Full text: National service framework for mental health: modern standards and service models

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US Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 美国《精神卫生均等及成瘾治疗衡平法》(2008)

On October 3rd, 2008, the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 was signed into law. This new Federal law requires group health insurance plans (those with more than 50 insured employees) that offer coverage for mental illness and substance use disorders to provide those benefits in no more restrictive way

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than all other medical and surgical procedures covered by the plan. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act does

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not require group health plans to cover mental health (MH) and substance use disorder (SUD) benefits but, when plans do cover these benefits, MH

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and SUD benefits must be covered at levels that are no lower and with treatment limitations that are no more restrictive than would be the case for the other medical and surgical benefits offered by the plan.


Full text of the law: Interim Final Rules Under the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental

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Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008


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WHO Mental Health Care Law: Ten Basic Principles《世界卫生组织精神健康立法:十项基本原则》

This WHO reference document lists and describes ten basic principles of mental health care law. It also provides annotations for their implementation in practice.

It is largely inspired from a comparative analysis of national mental health laws in a selection of 45 countries worldwide conducted by WHO in recent years.Also, this selection of principles draws from the Principles for the Protection of Persons with Mental Illness and the Improvement of Mental Health Care adopted by UN General Assembly Resolution 46/119 of 17 December 1991.

Mental Health Care Law: Ten Basic Principles

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UN Principles for the Protection of Persons with Mental Illness the Improvement of Mental Health Care《联合国保护精神疾病患者与改善精神保健的原则》

The Principles for the Protection of Persons with Mental Illness and the Improvement of Mental Health Care (MI Principles) provide guidance on how people with mental illness can expect to be treated in the health-care system and beyond.  Like the Disability Convention, the key philosophies of the MI Principles are the maximisation of consumer autonomy and freedom of choice.  The MI Principles are not formally binding, but they do influence the interpretation of Australia's human rights obligations.

The MI Principles confirm that people with mental illness have the right to:

  • Live and work, as far as possible, in the community
  • Be treated in the community in which they live
  • Receive appropriate health and social care
  • Receive medication only for therapeutic or diagnostic purposesAccess their health and personal records
  • Make a complaint about their treatmentKnow and understand their rights

Principles for the Protection of Persons with Mental Illness and for the Improvement of Mental Health Care

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UK Mental Health Laws(1983) 英国《精神卫生法》(1983年)

The Mental Health Act 1983 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which applies to people in England and Wales. It covers the reception, care and treatment of mentally disordered persons, the management of their property and other related matters. In particular, it provides the legislation by which people diagnosed with a mental disorder can be detained in hospital or police custody and have their disorder assessed or treated against their wishes, unofficially known as "sectioning". Its use is reviewed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. The Act

has been significantly amended by the Mental Health Act 2007.

UK Mental Health Act 1983


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WHO Mental Health Policy and Service Guidance Package---《精神卫生政策与服务指南》



The WHO mental health policy and service guidance package is to assist policy-makers and planners to: develop policies and comprehensive strategies for improving the mental health of populations; use existing resources to achieve the greatest possible benefits; provide effective services to those in need; assist the

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reintegration of persons with mental disorders into all aspects of community life, thus improving their overall quality of life.

The package consists of the WHO mental health policy and plan checklists, and 14 interrelated modules which are: The mental health context; Mental health policy, plans and programmes – update; Organization of services; Planning and budgeting to deliver services for mental health; Mental health financing; Mental health legislation & human rights; Advocacy for mental health; Quality improvement for mental health; Human resources and training in mental health; Improving access and use of psychotropic medicines; Child and adolescent mental health policies and plans; Mental Health Information Systems; Mental health policies and programmes in the workplace; Monitoring and evaluation of mental health policies and plans.

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